Students wishing to apply for a Freedom Alliance Scholarship should first review the qualification and eligibility requirements to verify that they do indeed qualify for the Freedom Alliance scholarship. The first step for those who believe they qualify for a scholarship is to complete the online scholarship application by clicking here to apply.

Please contact Wanda Cruz if you have any questions, [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: If you have previously received a Freedom Alliance scholarship or are renewing your scholarship, please visit the renew page for your specific instructions and forms.

Upon receiving your application, Freedom Alliance will notify you by mail and/or email of the Scholarship Board’s review and decision. All applicants must complete the online application and be ready to upload the required documentation before they are able to complete and submit the application.


  • Copy of your government issued photo identification (Drivers License, Military ID Card)
  • Proof of dependency: birth certificate, tax form which lists dependents, or military child ID card
  • Certificate of death (DD 1300) or rating letter from the Veterans Administration disability stating that the eligible Servicemember parent has been rated as 100% Totally and Permanently disabled
  • DD Form 214 if applicable – for disabled veterans’ dependent children
  • Applicant must upload a 500 Word Essay or Personal Statement: “What does your parent’s service mean to you?” or “The Importance of Military Service.”
  • Official high school or college transcripts.
  • Please submit a high resolution (at least 500KB) portrait-style JPEG photo of yourself which is appropriate for publication of scholarship award announcements. Make sure that it is taken in an appropriate setting and there are no other people, distractions, or watermarks visible.
  • High resolution photo of qualifying parent.
  • All documents, except the requested high-resolution photos, must be in PDF format. 

If you are found to be eligible by the reviewing committee, there will be a few additional steps that will be included in your notification letter/email which will include a form to be completed by your school’s financial aid office. Once these steps are completed, the reviewing committee will do a final review of applications and, if the student has a need, a scholarship check will be mailed directly to his/her school.

Please note that checks will only be endorsed to your school and will be mailed directly to your school’s Financial Aid or Bursar’s Office.